Friday, August 22, 2003

Underground Hip-Hop Music & the Hip-Hop Culture, Providing the Underground with an Online Community.Read all about the thriving ATF- Hip Hop culturez! What? There is such a thing? You betcha! - - Par For the Course: Paul Colman Trio Par For the Course
By Christa Farris

A Man With A Plan

Unlike the "American Idol" phenomenon or the boy-band era, where artists became media hype in a matter of weeks, PC3’s road to a record deal wasn’t exactly an easy one. This less-traveled journey for the group began in 1998 with Colman, a successful solo act at the time with two critically acclaimed projects to his credit. But after one independent solo tour of the United States as well as some shows with Gaudion, Colman decided to forgo his one-man show for a three-piece band that included Gaudion and Norsworthy.

After solidifying the lineup, the band began touring relentlessly, playing for crowds in every kind of venue imaginable, including its first gig for ...

Avalon * 02/Avalon Remixed>>>Avalon * 02/Avalon Remixed

Artist: Avalon/Title: 02/ Avalon Remixed/Label: Sparrow Records/Genre: Dance

Track Listing:
My Oxygen (Red Decibel Mix)
Testify to Love (New Birth Mix) feat. ZOEgirl
Wonder Why (Larring Mix)
The Best Thing (Euro Stack Mix)
In Not Of (Soul 2am Mix)
Can’t Live a Day (DJ TiĆ«sto Mix)
A Maze of Grace (Ghost Mix) feat. The Katinas
Speed of Light (Mint Royale Mix)
Undeniably You (Jeff Savage Mix)
Make it Last Forever (Millinneyum Mix) feat. Out of Eden
Wonder Why (Roswell Mix)
A Maze of Grace (J. Edgar Hoover Mix)

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Avalon - 02 - Avalon Remixed: "Avalon
02 - Avalon Remixed

One of America's premier vocal groups take a step where no Christian vocal pop band has been before! 02-Avalon Remixed is a radical remix album that takes the twelve most popular Avalon songs, including ten no 1 chart hits in the American CCM chart, and places them in the hands of some of the best remixers around. The result is Avalon like you've never heard them before! Stylistically this breathes new life into tracks taken from their Oxygen, In A Different Light and Maze of Grace albums. Highlights include the swirling ambient Red Decibel Mix of My Oxygen and the floating Ghost Mix of A Maze of Grace. Fans of the band are in for plenty of surprises, particularly when they hear the New Birth Mix of one of their biggest songs, Testify To Love. Dance pop grooves, clubby sounds and a bright sound that sparkles from the speakers, O2-Avalon Remixed looks set to take Avalon's music to a whole new audience."

Wednesday, August 20, 2003

What's the scoop with Chris Carrabba of Dashboard Confessional? : "Dashboard Confessional
Chris Carrabba
Interview by: Conrad and Julia Zulia
Photo by: Conrad

Chris and Julia Zulia

The other night, after driving 16 hours back home from the Cornerstone Festival in Illinois the day before, Conrad and I drove another hour down to the Chameleon in Lancaster, PA. We arrived just in time to catch Dashboard Confessional's set. The small setting made their set even more intimate. The crowd was enjoying themselves; singing their hearts out along with Chris"

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Doug Van Pelt's Blog Site (editor of HM (Hard Music, formerly Heavenly Metal) Magazine): "The new Skillet album... Wow. It actually rocks. They seemed to have gone after the Linkin Park sound - and they nailed it. For some that's a negative (copycat, blah blah blah), but to others, it's a nice change of sound to rage/energy/attitude. Gotta respect that."