Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Have you gotten your copy yet? ipop sampler

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Its not for sale. Its free, download it now at Its a sampler that actually contains 4 jimmy needham songs plus oher artists Newsboys, Superchic, a great Paul Colman song (he's now with the fellow aussie Newsboys) - so this is a real treat.

Jimmy Needham = Who's he? = Jason Mraz = Pinoy Paolo Santos. Before you can falsely judge Inpop of telling Jimmy, "Hey we want you to sound like Jason!" --note that Jim has been a 2 year indie artist before this "signing". He's really good. Specially the song "Fence Riders" which is about the church fence at his old town. Just kidding. ALL HIS 4 SONGS ARE GOOD.

There's a band in this album. And they're good too. Yes, you haven't heard of them too! Their name is "Foolish Things". They have a lot of songs here too and they're also good!

I repeat, the cost is ZERO!. Just download them at