Monday, September 19, 2005

switchfoot "horrified' that you can't copy your "Nothing is sound" into your mp3 players.

Hello friends,
my heart is heavy with this whole copy-protection thing. Many PC users
have posted problems that they have had importing the new songs
(regular disc only, not the dual disc) into programs such as Itunes.
Let me first say that as a musician AND as a music fan, I agree with
the frustration that has been expressed. We were horrified when we
first heard about the new copy-protection policy that is being
implemented by most major labels, including Sony (ours), and
immediately looked into all of our options for removing this from our
new album. Unfortunately, this is the new policy for all new major
releases from these record companies. It is heartbreaking to see our
blood, sweat, and tears over the past 2 years blurred by the confusion
and frustration surrounding this new technology. It is also
unfortunate when bands such as ourselves, Foo Fighters, Coldplay,
etc... (just a few of the new releases with copy protection) are the
target of this criticism, when there is no possible way to avoid this
new industry policy.

For mac users these songs should import seamlessly. We are told that
itunes is co...

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Friday, September 09, 2005

Plumb : Chaotic Resolve is finally released this week. Listen to it in Against the Flow.Nu107. Sundays. 12lunch. This is another rock album - after the pop themed "candy coated water drops" and the death-themed "Beautiful Lumps of Charcoal".

Plumb, now who is that again? Is that a new band? Remember the song "Stranded" remaked by Jennifer Paige before? That's Plumb's song! How about the song during Jim Carrey's "Tuck Everlast..." I mean "Bruce Almighty" movie: "God-shaped hole". That's plumb again.
Now, don't laugh: Mandy Moore's "I wanna be with you". That's her again.


Plumb is Tiffany Arbuckle. Her new rock single is "I can't do this." The song is about Evanesence's Ben Moody quitting his band after experiencing success.

Yeah. Its true.


It's a ROCK song! Does any body care what its about? Really? Most listeners will judge it according to its sound (w/c is good-very evanesence like,see? there's a point of mentioning Amy Lee's long lost love). But seriously, the critics will say that the song is a rock version of the Sesame Street "Cooperation". "I can't do this" is the short form, the real message is "I can't do this by myself."

Addressed to God. I'm sure.

Enjoy it when it releases here. Buy the album. Clamor for her to come back to the Philippines - bring everybody to her concert! Remember artists get more compensation from concerts than from record sales!

Monday, September 05, 2005

Hip-Hop ProphetNewsweek writes an article about Gospel Rappers :Cross Movement.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Sept 4 enhanced playlist - move your mouse around above to see pix of the artists featured this week.

1. oc supertones - return of the revolution
2. off the mark
3. no place lke home - pax217

The Edge Tour, you're invited!

4. Switchfoot - stars (vote for this in MTV's TRL)
5. hero - superchic - remix
6. breathe on me -- jennifer knapp
7. ramoh gilead - death
8. casting crowns - who am i

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9. salvation is here - united

Pictures from the Playlist - Casting Crowns

Who Am I - Casting Crowns.

Diagnosed with a learning disability (dsylexia) early in life, lead singer of the band Mark Hall has learned a lot in the process.