Monday, February 02, 2004

Grassroots Music :: Grassroots Magazine Feature: "At first glance, Skillet might seem like just another in-your-face hard rock group in black leather pants. But a conversation with frontman John Cooper following the foursome's recent jaunt to Europe reveals a multi-dimensional collision of talents and personas. Not only is there a surprising sensitive side to Skillet, there's also a humorous side, a theological side, a parental side, and a musical side in constant pursuit of reinvention...

Kierstin Berry: Was this your first time to tour in Europe?
John Cooper: It was our second time actually. Our first we did in 1998. And it doesn't go that well. I mean, it's fun, but nobody knows us so it's weird.
KB: Here in the US at least, Skillet is known for creating a distinct sound with each new album. Do you go into every record knowing how you want your sound to evolve? "
Skillet, 01/04 - Interviews - Christian Music Today: "Collision Course
by Michael Herman
posted 01/26/04

As their band name implies, Skillet is always cooking up something new. They experimented with a variety of sounds on their first five albums until, most recently, they landed on hard rock, the dominant sound on their latest CD, Collide (Ardent..."