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Rockers Creed P.O.D. Evanescence Move to the Mainstream and bring MercyMe and other Christian acts with them -- "Out of the Christian Ghetto
Christian rockers and mainstream music executives increasingly ignore the divide between faith rock and 'real' rock.

By Mark Joseph

In 1969, Larry Norman's band, People, sent Capitol Records the master tapes for its new album, along with the cover art--a painting of Jesus standing with the band in the studio. The title was a stunner: 'We Need A Whole Lot More Of Jesus And A Lot Less Of Rock & Roll.'

Norman was the leader of what would come to be called the Jesus Rock movement. But secularists who loathed the very idea of rock music being infused with traditional spiritual messages had other names for Norman and other early pioneers of the movement who didn't adhere to the doctrine of separation of rock and faith: Jesus Creeps."
te deum
Features - "Back In the Day...
by Michael Janke
Sometimes it's nice to sit back and remember.
Being a Christian music fan in 2003 is certainly not a bad thing. Christian bands are receiving more exposure today than ever before, there has been a renewal of the passion to worship, and new talent seems to constantly be rising to the fore. Rocketown has put its entire catalogue online for easy download and purchase. 'I Can Only Imagine' is one of the best breakout success stories of the year on mainstream adult radio. Projects like !Hero are breaking new ground and impacting lives in new ways. No, the here and now has plenty to be happy about. But it's still nice to recall the past. To think about how it was, back-in-the-day. Everyone's back-in-the-day is different, since we all experience different things in life and grow up at different times. Newer music fans will not share a lot of the recollections that I have, and older fans might want to go back further. But all of that understood, I would still like to pause this week and remember... "
Interviews - "Skillet interview
by Robin Parrish
Robin: Collide is album number six. Can you believe it?
John Cooper: No, that sounds like I've been doing this for a really long time. (Laughs.)
And there have been a lot of changes along the way.
That's for sure.
The biggest news about this album is that once again, you've switched to a different style of music. Why?
Well, we like to redefine ourselves. And I think it was just time to do that again. Probably for a lot of different reasons... One of them being that we're changing, too. The kind of music that I like and am influenced by has that affect on me, that before you know it, you're like, 'Yeah, I want to try something new.' Also, in the market that we're in, I think it's important to redefine and change and keep people guessing. It keeps things fresh for you, too. If we were to do another electronic/industrial record, I kind of feel that we'd probably be on our way out of the market. We've done that on two or three records now -- depending on how you look at it -- so we're just ready to explore some other things."

Friday, October 24, 2003

Washington Square News: switchfoto interview
Sparrow Records News: "Billboard Magazine Highlights Christian Music Crossover
Billboard magazine features an in-depth article on the rising popularity of Christian music.
Friday, October 24, 2003
On news stands now, the current issue of Billboard magazine features an in-depth article on the rising popularity of Christian music at mainstream radio stations, including hits from Steven Curtis Chapman ('How Do I Love Her'), Mercy Me ('I Can Only Imagine'), and Stacie Orrico.
'Tapping a hunger for positive messages in difficult times,' the story says, 'Christian artists are appealing to a growing number of people outside of their traditional audience. The trend is reflected in an important barometer, mainstream radio, which closely follows the tastes of its listeners.'
Likewise, rock acts are part of the momentous movement as well, from Switchfoot and P.O.D. to Relient K and Pillar. Now is a great time to share the hope found in Christian music with people from all walks of life; catch the excitement in the October 25th edition of Billboard magazine"
Defying All Labels the story of Windup records..home to creed and 12stones...
Defying All Labels the story of Windup records..home to creed and 12stones...
Switchfoot gives fans positive charge - The Washington Times: Entertainment
Heaven minds - The Washington Times: Culture, etc. The impact of MercyMe's song: "Heaven minds

By Jen Waters

Bart Millard has often wondered what it will be like to meet God in heaven. Questions about eternity were especially important to him after his father died of cancer in 1991.
As lead singer of the band MercyMe, he chose to express his struggles through songwriting. Until 1999, when he wrote the hit single 'I Can Only Imagine,' he constantly wrote the title phrase on everything possible, such as scraps of paper and random objects"
Beyonce and the lesbian kiss...? Tell your comments what do you think? Christian Clubbing: Thou Shalt Rock -- Oct. 20, 2003: "Christian Clubbing: Thou Shalt Rock

Monday, Oct. 20, 2003
Club Three Degrees in Minneapolis, Minn., boasts all the night-life staples, like pool tables, DJs and live bands. But a few things are missing, like alcohol, cigarette smoke and music with racy lyrics. That's because the club, scheduled to open this week, is the city's first downtown Christian nightclub. "

Sunday, September 14, 2003

Tess Wiley - Rainy Day Assembly Mp3 Samples are available at her new website.

Friday, August 22, 2003

Underground Hip-Hop Music & the Hip-Hop Culture, Providing the Underground with an Online Community.Read all about the thriving ATF- Hip Hop culturez! What? There is such a thing? You betcha! - - Par For the Course: Paul Colman Trio Par For the Course
By Christa Farris

A Man With A Plan

Unlike the "American Idol" phenomenon or the boy-band era, where artists became media hype in a matter of weeks, PC3’s road to a record deal wasn’t exactly an easy one. This less-traveled journey for the group began in 1998 with Colman, a successful solo act at the time with two critically acclaimed projects to his credit. But after one independent solo tour of the United States as well as some shows with Gaudion, Colman decided to forgo his one-man show for a three-piece band that included Gaudion and Norsworthy.

After solidifying the lineup, the band began touring relentlessly, playing for crowds in every kind of venue imaginable, including its first gig for ...

Avalon * 02/Avalon Remixed>>>Avalon * 02/Avalon Remixed

Artist: Avalon/Title: 02/ Avalon Remixed/Label: Sparrow Records/Genre: Dance

Track Listing:
My Oxygen (Red Decibel Mix)
Testify to Love (New Birth Mix) feat. ZOEgirl
Wonder Why (Larring Mix)
The Best Thing (Euro Stack Mix)
In Not Of (Soul 2am Mix)
Can’t Live a Day (DJ TiĆ«sto Mix)
A Maze of Grace (Ghost Mix) feat. The Katinas
Speed of Light (Mint Royale Mix)
Undeniably You (Jeff Savage Mix)
Make it Last Forever (Millinneyum Mix) feat. Out of Eden
Wonder Why (Roswell Mix)
A Maze of Grace (J. Edgar Hoover Mix)

Click the link for the review.... - - 25 Christian CDs You Need to Own From the '00's See what CCM Magazine thinks is the BEST collection of music this century!
Avalon - 02 - Avalon Remixed: "Avalon
02 - Avalon Remixed

One of America's premier vocal groups take a step where no Christian vocal pop band has been before! 02-Avalon Remixed is a radical remix album that takes the twelve most popular Avalon songs, including ten no 1 chart hits in the American CCM chart, and places them in the hands of some of the best remixers around. The result is Avalon like you've never heard them before! Stylistically this breathes new life into tracks taken from their Oxygen, In A Different Light and Maze of Grace albums. Highlights include the swirling ambient Red Decibel Mix of My Oxygen and the floating Ghost Mix of A Maze of Grace. Fans of the band are in for plenty of surprises, particularly when they hear the New Birth Mix of one of their biggest songs, Testify To Love. Dance pop grooves, clubby sounds and a bright sound that sparkles from the speakers, O2-Avalon Remixed looks set to take Avalon's music to a whole new audience."

Wednesday, August 20, 2003

What's the scoop with Chris Carrabba of Dashboard Confessional? : "Dashboard Confessional
Chris Carrabba
Interview by: Conrad and Julia Zulia
Photo by: Conrad

Chris and Julia Zulia

The other night, after driving 16 hours back home from the Cornerstone Festival in Illinois the day before, Conrad and I drove another hour down to the Chameleon in Lancaster, PA. We arrived just in time to catch Dashboard Confessional's set. The small setting made their set even more intimate. The crowd was enjoying themselves; singing their hearts out along with Chris"

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Doug Van Pelt's Blog Site (editor of HM (Hard Music, formerly Heavenly Metal) Magazine): "The new Skillet album... Wow. It actually rocks. They seemed to have gone after the Linkin Park sound - and they nailed it. For some that's a negative (copycat, blah blah blah), but to others, it's a nice change of sound to rage/energy/attitude. Gotta respect that."

Wednesday, July 23, 2003

REBECCA ST james book featured in intl cartoon! "*NEWS* is all about Lifehouse! Check out exclusive video
footage and an interview at"

Tuesday, July 22, 2003

allnightclubsthemagazine: Interview with DJ Andy Hunter by Emily Tan: "Interview with DJ Andy Hunter by Emily Tan
EMILY TAN: How did you cross-over from the very focused audience of Christian music to become signed by a major dance label like Nettwerk?
ANDY HUNTER: I was signed to a label in Nashville [Tennessee], Sparrow Records, which is part of EMI [Records]. We recorded an album with Sparrow, and it was through the EMI system...they felt the album was good, so they got the demo through to Roy Lott at EMI. He liked the demo, and so he handed it around to lots of different labels...and, Nettwerk got one. [Nettwerk] approached us to license it, which we arranged, and before long, they were on board. Soon after, I signed to new management [at Nettwerk America].
ET: What first inspired you to become a DJ?"

Wednesday, July 16, 2003

REZ HOT LICKS MP3s: "Music To Raise The Dead - Resurrection Band mp3s for those old enough to remember. "

Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Mercy Me's Top 40 hit experience

Article on Mercy Me's hit song at crosswalk.

Sunday, July 13, 2003

Steve Taylor Press Conference - a Feature of The Phantom Tollbooth:

"Steve Taylor Press Conference
Friday, July 4, 2003
Cornerstone Festival
Moderated by Chris MacIntosh
Photographs by Linda LaFianza & Steve White
MacIntosh: A number of years ago, the Resurrection Band was out on tour, and they brought this tall, skinny ex-youth pastor with them to open up the shows for them. His name was Steve Taylor. What have you been doing lately, man?
Taylor: [laughs] I haven't been doing any interviews, that's one thing. I'm a little nervous about this! I actually haven't taken much in the way of questions or anything since the Squint days, so I hope you guys will go really easy on me, and just a lot of powder puff questions, and make it easy.
MacIntosh: I would ask if anybody wants to ask questions, come up here, use the microphone, because we are recording these for future posterity. Does anybody have any questions for Steve? "
pc3 interview -

"On the afternoon of the last show with Third Day on the extended Come Together Tour, we sat down with the all three members that make up the Paul Colman Trio to discuss a little bit about, connection, their music, some insights from living in Australia, the simplicity of Jesus, and where they plan to go from here. cMusicWeb's motto is 'A different approach to music.' How does pc3 fit into this?

Grant: I think for a lot of bands, being in a band is about the music, or it's about making money, or it's about a whole lot of other things. I know that a lot of bands do performances where they are very arty about it and it's about them expressing their music as an art form and hopefully people will appreciate it. And if people"

(click on link for continuation)
KJ-52 Hits TRL

Viewers of MTV's TRL may have noticed a clip of Christian rapper KJ-52's video "Dear Slim." Though the show apparently tagged the song as an Eminem dis (KJ says they're wrong), the video's appearance has generated a strong response. According to KJ's label, Uprok Records, one viewer named Trevor e-mailed the rapper, saying: "After the show I went over to my computer and downloaded your song. After I listened to it, I realized that your message was different. You weren't rapping about sex, drugs, and killing. You weren’t dissin' Em. I also realized that the music I listen to just desensitizes me to all of these things. I never thought religious music could be just as good as the music that I listen to on the radio. I think it was really brave of you to stand up to the big bad wolf, what a better way to promote your teachings. The song was a reality check. If slim fights back with a dis song he is making a big mistake. I admire your dedication. You could be making millions but you'd rather be teaching millions. That is what touched me. Thanks."

Says KJ himself, "I really wish they would've played the whole song and not just the first verse and chorus. It really gave it a one sided representation of the song and of myself as an artist and the intentions behind the track. My original intentions were to simply address some of the issues of me being compared with him and to share what God has done in my life. It was definitely not a dis song and was not to make a name for myself."

Essential Records


Record Features Acoustic-Pop Style; Production by Josh Moore of Caedmon’s Call

(NASHVILLE, Tenn.) June 20, 2003- South Carolina’s Silers Bald releases its first Essential Records project, Real Life, Sept. 30. An indie favorite throughout the Southeast, Silers Bald extends its acoustic-pop sound and bona fide lyrics to a national audience with Real Life, produced by Josh Moore of Caedmon’s Call.

Claiming independent sales of more than 40,000 albums as well as a following that keeps the band on tour 200 days annually, Silers Bald blends eclectic instrumentation with buoyant melodies and southern charm on its upcoming record.

Producer Josh Moore comments, “One of the newer pop-rock approaches incorporates a diverse palette of songs, ranging from cuts that are pretty intense and heavy to those that are softer, relaying a melody. Because the guys play and sing with such confidence, I encouraged them to go in any direction they wanted, and they really pulled it off.”

Friday, July 11, 2003

Another Windup Records (creed,12 stones) serving of Against the Flow music: - The HOTTEST in Christian music at great prices!: "The newest signing on Wind-up Records, which is also home to 12 Stones, Creed, and Evanescence, is the powerhouse rock quartet from Florida known as Big Dismal. While lead singer Eric Durrance's throaty vocals will no doubt conjur up comparisons to Scott Stapp (Creed) or Jason Wade (Lifehouse), Big Dismal offers plenty of truly original material. All 10 songs on this debut are incredibly strong - there is not a bummer in the bunch. And whereas labelmates Creed and Evanescence have distanced themselves from the Christian market by specifically requesting to not be referred to as a 'Christian' band, Big Dismal unashamedly claims the title. Their music is unmistakably faith-based, and the band makes no compromises. "
first off...if you've been texting jaedee...make sure you contact her coz she has a new number!
welcome one and all...atf news 2003!