Tuesday, November 13, 2007

For Sale! 2nd hand Desktop PC Pentium 4 (2.4GHZ) with new DVD Writer, 300 GB HDD, ATI 9950 Graphics, 17 inch monitor. all black

I'm selling the computer which made the promotions for Hillsong, Swichfoot, Steven Curtis Chapman, Jars of Clay, Reuben Morgan....It has 2 hard discs (300 GB total), one relatively new and a new DVD Writer that's never been used to burn, large 17 inch monitor with Sailor Venus Stickers. :)

Why? I'm moving to a Macintosh. :)))))))))))))))

Here's the specs, if you have a geek friend, she'll say "It's still very powerful!" Of course, it's mine!

Text! 0918-929-4002 now

Black Desktop PC with 2.4 GHZ Pentium 4 (its the same chip that runs my Macbook)
Asus Motherboard (nobody does it better)
512 MB RAM (you can upgrade it but it doesn't need it because...)
ATI 9550 Graphics Accelerator (for games and gorgeous graphics!)
300GB Harddisc = 2x 150 GB Hard Disks (one brand new)
1 DVD Writer (brand new) DVD-R/CDR Combo
Floppy Drive
17 inch 770FS Mag Innovision Monitor (large, black)
Newly Installed Windows XP (or you can install what ever you like)
4 USB Slots
Optical Mouse
Black Speakers (hardly ever used)

Cash P 20,000 ONLY! I'm moving to a mac. :)
Text! 0918-929-4002 now