Friday, August 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Tim Foreman / New Switchfoot Fan's Club

Aug 15 is Tim's Birthday! What are you waiting for? Greet Him Happy Birthday Tim!!!!
Go to (the official site of Switchfoot and tell them to COME TO THE PHILIPPINES AGAIN!). Or just greet Tim. :) Or Join in Friends of the Foot, the new Fans Club.

What? Okay okay, I know you're lazy to click so here's the explanation about the new Switchfoot Fans club: (Yes, Free TShirt, Collectible Bootlegs. ID, a real fan's club not just downloads)


We are extremely grateful for the community of friends that we've met
along the way through these songs. Many of you have played a vital
role in inspiring us to do what we do. We've always looked for ways to
connect beyond just the songs and the shows. This is why we began
putting out a free video podcast (now 32 episodes and counting!), the daily foot photo journal, the switchfeed
news feed on our homepage, the live studio camera, and our all-new
message-board community. For us, music has always been about
communication, and keeping the dialogue going long after the guitars
have stopped ringing. In addition to all of this, many of you have
been requesting, for lack of a better term, a fan club of sorts (maybe
a "fam" club?), and after much planning and brainstorming, we are
extremely excited to bring to you "Friends of the Foot."

What this IS:

A way for us to provide something extra for those that want it -- a way
to say hi at the shows without having to wait outside the venue; a way
to see what happens on tour and in the studio on a larger scale, with
updates on an almost-daily basis; access to rare out-takes, and other
downloads that a casual listener may not appreciate. This is simply a
way to do more, without taking anything away from what we already do.

What this IS NOT:
an elite club or clique. This is not about who has and has not. This
is not about who is a real fan and who isn't. This is not a dividing
line in the middle of our great community. This is simply a way for us
to provide a higher level of content and dialogue for those who want

We are extremely grateful for everyone that listens to these songs,
everyone who sings along, and everyone who believes that these tunes
could be part of a story much larger than ourselves. Whether you are a
friend of the foot, or simply a friend, we are honored to have you as part of our family.

jon, tim, chad, jerome, and drew

Ok, now that you've read it, sign up to Switchfoot's Friend of the Foot Club here

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